Sovereign CT20 Wheels

$1,365.98 ($1,365.98 excl VAT) each Brand: Sovereign
Brake Pad Type

Hand built carbon tubular wheelset.
Possibly the best wheels to take with you up that killer hill you have put off until now!
Utilising the best components from across the globe, these wheels are destined to raise the bar for competitive wheels.
Hubs with carbon body and alloy direct pull spoke hole flanges.
Large diameter alloy spindles reduce flex.
Differencial spoking maximises strength whilst reducing mass to the absolute minimum.
The front wheel bladed spokes are amongst the lightest and most aerodynamic made to date, with a width of less than 1mm.
Drive side spokes are slightly heavier to resist the greater spoke tension.
Direct pull heads, reinforced for the rear drive side, are much stronger than 'J' spoke heads and transmit the rider force considerably more efficiently.
20 radial spokes in the front with 24 built cross 2 drive, radial non drive on the rear.
ADR strengthening for the spoke heads ensure a long life span.
Ceramic bearings minimise friction.
Foam filled carbon rims with a 3K finish are one step ahead of the opposition.
Visible spoke nipples with ABS anti-shake functionality are easy to access without removing the tubular.
20mm shallow section gives the best ride quality and only a minor aero penalty compared with deeper sections.
Suggested rider weight limit of 80KG.
Absolute rider weight limit 85KG.
Sovereign carbon wheels come with special "4Carbon" brake pads, titanium spindled QR skewers and wheel bags.
Natural carbon finish with black hub flanges and black spokes.
Weight per pair is just 961 grams!

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